Corn Nuts are an obnoxiously crunchy, loud snack, but people eat them shamelessly.  

CW: Rachel Nagpal



Consumers will be able to interact with these social post by yelling into their phones and computers. After they yell, they will be treated to a prize.


Customers will be able to yell at Corn Nut vending machines in public places to get a free bag of Corn Nuts. Embarrassing? Yes. Worth it? Probably. 


Open to the Corn Nut ad in your favorite magazine and it will blare loud music, causing consumers to quickly close the mag. The ones who aren’t embarrassed to play it in the open will see a small slot on the page. When they pull on the slot, a singular, tiny Corn Nut bag will pop out. Consumers can exchange for one free Corn Nut bag at select stores.


Corn Nut’s will host the halftime show for various sports teams. During this halftime show, fans will be told to yell as loud as they possibly can to attempt to cause a man-made earthquake. Also given out during these halftime shows will be a Corn Nut shaped earplug.